Mediation in Greece





Mediation in Greece: inaugural conference to kick-off series of events

The Directorate General for Justice of the European Commission with the contribution of the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights is holding a series of events to promote the institution of mediation that would contribute to the modernisation of the Greek justice system. The development and practical implementation of the series is taken over by the Academy of European Law (ERA). The inaugural event will be a conference to be held in on 30 June 2012 in Athens.

The conference, held in the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre, will highlight the importance of out-of court settlements of disputes, the relevant European and national legislation, best practices from Member States and will present the advantages and opportunities offered by mediation.

The European Commission estimates that the modernisation of the Greek justice system - and hence the application of the process of mediation - are priorities because of the long delay that occurs in Greece in the administration of justice, the high cost over time for all involved - and these general failures in the justice system.

Greece, even though by law it has established the process of mediation, is one of those countries of the European Union where there is little or no use of this very beneficial for all institution.

The conference addresses a wide range of stakeholders – chambers of commerce and professions, consumer organisations, enterprises and all stakeholders in the legal profession. It is also suitable for those interested in the modernisation of the Greek justice system.


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