Mediation in Greece





Mediation in Greece: EU and national legal framework and practice

Publicity campaign and press event in Athens

The series of events has started with the implementation of a large-scale publicity campaign to raise awareness of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method and of the series of activities organised in Greece. A special website has been created and a press conference was organised in Athens targeting general and legal media from Greece and Cyprus.

Kick-off conference

The kick-off conference highlighted the importance of out-of-court dispute settlement, the EU and national legislation in this area, best practices from EU member states and helped to raise awareness of the advantages and opportunities offered by mediation. It mainly consisted of presentations, a panel session and open discussion sessions with the audience. The contribution of experts from Greece and other member states ensured a sound exchange of experiences and the better understanding of the subject matter. The event was run in Greek and English with simultaneous interpretation provided.

The kick-off conference “Mediation in Greece: EU and national legal framework and practice” took place on 30 June 2012 at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre. It will be targeted at legal professionals, journalists, stakeholders and other potentially interested networks from Greece and Cyprus.

Interactive workshops

Foto: Mediation.Three further workshops will be addressed to lawyers, judges, judicial staff and notaries and provide practical training on mediation.

They will be organised in Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklion, allowing legal professionals from different parts of Greece to attend the training without having to travel or interrupt their professional activity. The first event will be held in November 2012 in Thessaloniki and the two following ones in January and March 2013 respectively.

The three workshops will be developed on the basis of the same structure: background information on the European and national legal framework will be provided and the training will then focus on the practical aspects of mediation, engaging participants in exercises aimed at familiarising them with the procedures in place. A combination of Greek and international experts will provide a comprehensive training approach: participants will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge with information on the practice in other member states whilst retaining the national context. The language of the workshops will be Greek, with interpretation provided for the sessions involving international experts.

Each group of participants will consist of 30-40 lawyers, judges, notaries and judicial staff members in order to ensure interaction among legal professions and a better understanding of how mediation may be integrated in current judicial practice.

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